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10 Rock Bands That Love Weed

As you may have noticed, the weed music scene is pretty much dominated by two genres: jam bands and hip-hop. There’s no arguing that the Grateful Dead are one of the greatest stoner bands of all time, and Cypress Hill are true weed OGs—Hits from the Bong!—but we thought we’d dig a little deeper. Here are 10 awesome rock bands who really, really love weed.

10. White Mystery

Sibling duo White Mystery is dedicated to three things: each other, their music and 4/20. 

Vocalist/guitarist Miss Alex White and drummer Francis Scott Key White have released eight albums to date, each released on April 20. They also have an online TV channel about video games, weed smoking and rock’n’roll.

Read our full-length interview with the band here. And click here to watch White Mystery TV.

9. Kottonmouth Kings

“Proud to Be a Stoner,” “Where’s the Weed At,” “420,” “Mr. Cali Man,” “Reefer Madness,” “Bong Toke”… the list of weed songs from classic stoner band the Kottonmouth Kings goes on and on.

The California band have been putting out their eclectic brand of psychedelic punk rock fused with hip-hop since they formed in 1996. Pretty much everything they do is steeped in sinsemilla.

8. Cannabis Corpse

Marijuana-themed death metal band Cannabis Corpse formed in 2006, paying homage to veteran death metal band Cannibal Corpse with a clever weedy twist.

Albums include Tube of the Resinated, Beneath Grow Lights Thou Shalt Rise, From Wisdom to Baked and Left Hand Pass. If you feel like head-banging after smoking a fat spliff, put one of their records on and let your face melt off.

7. Wavves

During their High Times interview, Wavves smoked joints, ripped bongs and asserted their deep love for getting high and making music. The band behind “Weed Demon” says they smoke the reefer “hourly.” Their sound has a dreamy surf rock quality that reflects it.

6. Fortunate Youth

These stony SoCal rockers love weed so much, they hotboxed their tour bus with High Times.

The reggae-rock sextet hails from Hermosa Beach, California, where they spend time maintaining an “Irie State of Mind.” Their hit song “Burn One” says it all. Fortunate Youth + a big fat blunt = a really good day.

5. Electric Wizard

English doom metal band Electric Wizard released Dopethrone in 2000, securing their position as one of the great stoner metal acts. Their songs are a grisly mix of horror, fantasy and the occult, all with a healthy dose of weed.

Rip a bong and acquaint yourself with these cult favorites. You won’t regret it.

4. Slightly Stoopid

None other than Bradley Nowell from Sublime signed Slightly Stoopid to his label back when the band was still in high school. Their fusion of folk, rock, reggae and blues with hip-hop, funk, metal and punk has carried them to stony success. They’ve released an impressive 12 albums and are still touring.

3. Mastodon

Another of the progressive metal greats, Mastodon’s sludgy riffs and complex lyrics make for excellent music to listen to when you’re really high. Plus, the band contributed “White Walker” to the Game of Thrones soundtrack—and who doesn’t love GoT?

In an interview with High Times, frontman Brett Hinds said he sprinkles kief on everything, like salt: “I’m pretty much constantly ingesting marijuana.”

2. Elder

Boston band Elder is stoked that their home state is legalizing recreational weed. The trio’s heady music is perfect for an afternoon smoke sesh. Put on their latest, Reflections of a Floating World and drift down a river of sound, away from all the stresses of daily life.

1. High on Fire

No list of stoner bands would be complete without Oakland power trio High on Fire. Just check out this video for their face-ripper “Fertile Green” if you doubt us. We can almost smell the sweet haze drifting off the screen.

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