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How the U.S. funneled drugs into communities for political gain

We’ve seen the ridiculous commercial of the chick melting into the couch after smoking pot, and we could never forget the classic 80s “This is Your Brain On Drugs” ad, featuring a man holding a frying pan with an egg just sizzling. With all the hours and money spent on producing these anti-drug PSAs, you wouldn’t believe that politics and drugs mesh. But as it turns out, our government, whom we’re supposed to be able to trust, has been pushing amphetamines on citizens and soldiers even while conducting the war on drugs.

In this segment of our ‘Just Being Blunt’ series, we unravel all the sheisty shit our government has been up to since the 1800s. You may already realize that the government is feeding our soldiers pills to gear them up to battle the sober. But did you know that this has been going on ever since the first Gulf War? Or, have you heard what John Ehrlichman, Nixon’s former domestic policy chief, has to say about the truth regarding the reason for the war on drugs?

Believe it or not, the war on drugs was essentially used as a form of political assault to help put Nixon in the White House. But that’s not even the half of it. For a direct quote from Ehrlichman himself, and examples of some of the alarming lies coming straight from our government, hold on to your joint and brace yourself for a brief history lesson on the use of substances for political engineering.






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