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How To Make Cannabis-Infused Chicken Wings


If you love getting ripped and eating chicken wings, then happy birthday, because these chicken wings will get you ripped.  It’s time to mow down with HERB Fast Recipes and a step by step guide to making cannabis-infused chicken wings. We all know there’s no better kind of munchies than the kind that gives you the munchies. These chicken wings are the perfect snack-sized appetizers for your next party. With a sweet yet spicy sauce made from lip-smacking ingredients like sriracha, soy sauce, rice wine vinegar, mango puree, lime juice, garlic cloves and raw honey it’ll be more than just the magical butter that makes these chicken wings sticky icky. In less time than it takes for a smoke break well show you how to prepare your chicken wings using all the staple ingredients of a marinade, but with the added punch of magical olive oil to make sure that your wings have a baked-in buzz. Throw it all together in a frying pan over some melted magical butter and your wings will be smothered in THC and ready for some finger licking goodness.

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