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Is the war on drugs a giant waste of money?

We look at the numbers.

You don’t have to be a weed smoker to know that waging a national war against a plant is a catastrophic waste of money. And unfortunately, if you pay taxes, it’s your money that is being wasted.

The war on drugs’ expenses includes an $18 million dollar price tag for simply burning confiscated cannabis plants. The Byrne Justice Assistance Grant Program has funneled $255.8 million dollars into anti-drug education alone. And this doesn’t even touch the wasted money used in training, equipping, and paying law enforcement officers to target everyday marijuana users.

With so much taxpayer money being funneled into the war on drugs, other governmental programs and public services—like education, health, and public safety—have suffered. In 2018 alone, the United States government has set aside an estimated 27.6 billion dollars to continue waging this war.

Does that sound like money well spent? We don’t think so either. It’s time to reassess our priorities, repeal the war on drugs, and take back our tax dollars.

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